Welcome to the Manaseh family

Get to know us.

Here at Manaseh we nurture and care for the children we are priviledged to provide a home for. We aim to provide them with holistic parental care and education with the aim of preparing them for life.

Our core values

  1. Holistic education
    Our aim is to impart home and eucational values to the children so that they grow up all-rounded.
  2. Loving environment
    Through empathy, love and creating an environment of togetherness, we build on our successes so far to create the best home fo our children
  3. Faith-based care
    We get our motivation and calling from the teaching of Jesus Christ and we try to use these values in our running of the home and in loving of the children under our care.

How to participate

Be part of the Sons of Manaseh family. You can support our work by donating today. Click  below for more
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