Projects and opportunities

Our projects

We are involved in a number of projects in education, community development and sustainability. Part of this is to build our own self-reliance and capacity and part of it is to grow as a home and community.
Our upcoming projects, where we would like your help and partnership,include:

Sustainability projects

Poultry farming

We aim to start rearing poultry both for self sustenance and for maintaining the home through surplus sales.

Dairy cow rearing

Starting a zero grazing project for the home is one of our goals for the home.

Greenhouse farming

We plan to grow crops for the home because our goal is keeping the Manaseh family healthy.

Water harvesting

This is very important for us considering the goals outlined above.

Solar lighting

Dependence on electricity is proving expensive for the home and this transition would really improve our situation and help us pioneer this technology to the community around us.

As part of our vision to have a permanent home also aim to build:

Classrooms and library


Dining Hall

Washrooms and ablusion block


Administration block

A strong fence


For partnering opportunities please be part of our:

Education sponsorships

We have children sponsorship program which goes for $50 per month. The money is used to carter for the child basic needs while in the Centre.
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